You, Me, & Mondays (1)

Last week, Cupcake witch, started a new meme: You, Me, & Mondays.

I thought it would be entertaining and funny.
That's how it works:

Post the book you are currently reading (you can provide a description if you want), name one of the characters in the book (it doesn't have to be the main character), and then say something you have in common with them.

So here I go:
My pick for this week is Katsa of Graceling by Kristin Cashore.
I like Katsa because she has a lot of things I don't have and I would like to: She's strong, brave and self confident, she doesn't pay attention to whatever people tell about her and, of course, she has Po XD.
There are also things we have in common, starting with the age; we both are 16.
I think the thing in which we are really alike is that we both are really stubborn.
You could tell us what is better to do all times you want, but if we've already done a decision it's saliva that you'rr wasting 'cause unless you force us to do the contrary, we'll rarely change our mind.
So well, that's all for today.
Ah, yes! I've just finished Graceling so I hope I can post the review soon.


KD said...

I have been wanting to read this one for a while!

I have an award for you at my blog!

Amy said...

Hah! Stubborn is my middle name. I'll remember not to mess with you:-D
I liked how Katsa wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty. I'm a tom-girl..Plus, I'd love to fight like her and just beat somebody up(my sister) when I get mad. It's Catharsis(releasing anger) though that theory isn't really valid...Oh well, I'd still enjoy kicking some behind:-D

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