Vampire Diaries' Cast

Well that's the main cast for the tv series of Vampire Diaries:

*Ian Somerhalde as Damon
*Paul Wesley as Stefan

*Nina Dobrev as Elena

There will be some modifications in the series:

-Elena won't be blonde, the actress will keep her hair's color.
-While in the books Elena is very popular, in the series she will be a
very lonely girl, traumatized because of the tragical death of her parents.
-Now Elena will have a little brother.

-Will be a change in the Salvatore's brothers last name. We don't know the new last name yet but it will be americanized.

Information from: Leer es adictivo (Reading is addictive)


Amy said...

I've never read this series, but I'm excited for the tv show! hopefully it's not too horrible and the first guy is rather handsome:):)

Laina said...

Well... I'm conflicted. But HOT guys. Lol

TruBlu93 said...

YOu should DEFINITELY visit my blog tomorrow after NOON! You WON'T be disappointed!!

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