"Say It Again" Saturday (1)

"Say It Again" Saturday was created by the fabulous Karin.

I've decided to start doing this meme post to share those lines I love from the books I read.
Sometimes while reading a book I find some sentences that I have to write down because for some reason they catch me.
Today I'll post some "quotes" of:

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

"My first language, the true language of the soul that was spoken only on our planet of origin, had no word for betrayal or traitor. Or even loyalty - because without the existence of an opposite, the concept had no meaning." (pg 90)

"My legs moved me forward without any thought on my part. The crunching rhythm of my steps was background music, low and tedious.
There was nothing to see; one twisted, brittle shrub looked exactly the same as the next. The empty homogeny lulled me into a sort of daze - I was only aware of the shape of the mountains' silhouettes against the pale, bleached sky. I read their outlines every few steps, till I knew them so well I could have drawn them blindfolded." (pg 102)

"His cheek slowly slid back, and his chin tilted to the side so that his mouth covered mine.
He tried to kiss me softly. I could tell that he tried. But his intentions went up in smoke, just like before.
There was fire everywhere, because he was everywhere. His hands traced my skin, burning it. His lips tasted every inch of my face. The rock wall slammed into my back, but there was no pain. I couldn't feel anything besides the burning.
My hands knotted in his hair, pulling him to me as if there were any possible way for us to be closer. My legs wrapped around his waist, the wall giving me the leverage I needed. His tongue twisted with mine, and there was no part of my mind that was no invaded by the insane desire that possessed me." (pg 432)

I sure could write more cause I really love Stephenie's writing. I'm finishing this book and I'm enjoying it a lot. I'll post soon a review^^


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting. I LOVED The Host.

Amy said...

nice:) I like the 3rd:-D

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