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Today, in Ripollet, my town, there was a celebration because next Thursday is "Sant Jordi" a Catalonian event. (I'll make a post next week explaining it) It's a great day for literature!

In the streets there were parades of the local book stores, activities for the kids (workshops of book marks, drawing contests, games), music (Çardanes -> A typical dance of Catalonia), shows and parades of jewery, bags, etc.

I went this morning with some friends to go for a walk and look around.
(Sant Jordi has something to do with a dragon)

I had a good time but I didn't buy anything, but when I got home I found out that my mother had bought some books she found that were a little bit cheaper because they were of second hand (she's really good finding bargains ^^) .

And which was my surprise?

She bought:
Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

She's just a New York City girl living with her artist mom…
NEWS FLASH: Dad is prince of Genovia. (So that's why a limo meets her at the airport!)
DOWNER: Dad can't have any more kids. (So there's no heir to the throne.)
SHOCK OF THE CENTURY: Like it or not, Mia Thermopolis is prime princess material.
THE WORST PART: Mia must take princess lessons from her dreaded grandmère, the dowager princess of Genovia, who thinks Mia has a thing or two to learn before she steps up to the throne.
Well, her father can lecture her until he's royal–blue in the face about her princessly duty—no way is she moving to Genovia and leaving Manhattan behind.
I've seen the film but I really wanted to read this series.
Thanks Mom!

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Danielle said...

Ooh! I didn't know the movie was based on a book! Wow. That's awesome that you got that for a good price.

Reverie said...

that looks so much fun. i cna tell you had a blast.

robin_titan said...

I really liked this book! me encanta la autora meg cabot!! :) I've only read up to book five from the series though hehe

It looks soo cool there! Wish they had something like that where I live :(

· Alba · said...

Hi, Silvia ;)!

Había pensado escribirte in english, pero ya que vives por ahí arriba, entenderás el castellano xDD
He visto tu blog en The YA Blogosphere y me he pasado a cotillear ;)

Y me quedo, porque tienes un blog genial, muy completito! Ya te pasarás x el mío para opinar, que todos los YA blogs españoles hemos de apoyarnos ^^!!

Y ya que estoy: en el blog ahora mismo (Letras y Escenas, sorry ^^!) tenemos en marcha un concursazo en el que regalamos 13 libros, y muy pronto vendrán más. So, anímate :P

Una pregunta que me ronda por la cabeza desde hace unos días. En The Story Siren y otros blogs he visto lo de "In my mailbox"... Podrías explicarme exactamente de qué va?

Y ya con esto me callo: léete el libro de Cabot, un YA 100%, fresco y muy divertido. Mia Thermopolis es inolvidable, ya verás ;)

Muchos besotes y nos leemos!!!

Por cierto, con tu permiso, ahora mismo me hago seguidora de tus Books y te agrego a la lista de afiliados del blog pra tenerte cerquita ;)

Besoss!! Y felices compras en Sant Jordi, prepara los bolsillos ;)

· Alba · said...

Ohhm! In case you prefer I speak in english, tell me, ok? Bye bye ^O^

Amy said...

gotta love book sales:) Garage sales are great for finding reads too...

Ravenous Reader said...

Hola!! What a great book. I love Meg Cabot and the Princess Diaries is such an adorable read. I enjoyed the pictures you had and it reminds me of when I visited Espana a few years ago.

katie said...

That looks so cool. And I love all of Meg Cabot's books so I hope you enjoy The Princess Diaries. Also, there is an award for you at my blog!

Rebecca said...

Awesome stuff. enjoy.

Liyana said...

Have fun reading Princess Diaries! The first book was okay, but the last: Whoo!

The Story Siren said...

How fun! And very interesting! I've never read the Princess Diaries! But I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading!

cupcakewitch said...

Looks like a fun event!

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