About me

About me


My name is Silvia. I'm a sixteen years old teen and I'm Spanish.
Recently I've started buying books from Amazon, not because I don't like reading in my language, in fact I love reading in Spanish and Catalan, but I read about a lot of wonderful books (at these amazing YA blogs I visit everyday) that don't arrive here, so I decided to buy from Amazon (and like this I get to improve my English skills).

At first I didn't tough I'd end up having a blog but suddenly it came to my head and I said "why not? Maybe I make some friends and it'll be a good experience for sure", so here I am.

Like you all may suppose I love reading. I've been a reading girl since I had enough age to understand a book, but little by little, as I grew up I started to read less, and one day a big friend told me about Twilight so I read it and, like that, all my love for books woke again. Ah, and I started reading a new kind of books too: Romance. The truth is that I had never read this genre, but this wonderful series brought my romantic part to the surface.

What I read are YA books, mostly of romance and paranormal (I love impossible love stories), but I do read other genres too.

At Silvia_pi's YA books I'll post reviews of the books I read, but please be a little patient with me cause I've never made something like that before so I'm not very experienced writing reviews and so. I plan to talk about some Spanish books too, so that you know about wonderful books we have here.

Well, to end, I'd like to say that I hope to have fun while doing this and of course I hope you to have fun too.

Have a nice read,


P.S: I'll start posting next week cause right now I'm still finalizing the blog.^^


Amy said...

you're bi-lingual right? wow, that's a dumb question:)
we seem to have the same tastes in books, i look forward to reading your blog!
btw: i suck at html too, but you get the hang of it.

Amy said...

cooleo! i'll count you in:)
btw: i know i'm crazy, (to be giving them all away) i'll probably just buy more copies of each cause they were all really good.

mamezulo said...

Finally I've found you!! XD
Your introduction is very wonderfull! :P
Hope you become popular!! ^^

- Leumas92

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