Sant Jordi (Saint George)

So as I promised today I'll tell you about Sant Jordi (Saint George).

Here, in Catalonia, we celebrate Sant Jordi every 23th of April.
This celebration comes from an old legend of a knight called Sant Jordi who killed a dragon to save a princess. When the dragon died, his blood became a garden full of roses.

Well, actually this is a very short explanation^^ .
If you want to read the legend here's a document from the Wikipedia that I think explains it very well:
On saint george's day it is tradition that the boys give a rose to the girls, and the girls buy a book for the boys (what I find unfair cause I want a book too^^).
This day there are a lot of stands of roses and books everywhere and there are a lot of representations of the legend.

In my High School, there are a lot literary competitions (writting essays and short stories) and today we had a party, with a representation of Sant Jordi and musical performances by the students, where the winners were anounced.
I entered 4 competitions and I've won 3. I'm really happy^^ I was first in Catalan and English and I got the second place in Maths. In the last one we had to do a photo of what we wanted and put them a name related to maths.
The prices are always money to spend in a bookstore. I got 45€ in total (59$ more or less).
Happy Sant Jordi to you all.


Amy said...

One question: what's that ginourmous dragon doing in the first pic?> lol! :-D I'm probably the only one that noticed that. I really want to travel the world and see other places besides my dumb town. I'd love to visit that place especially 'cuz of the book sale:)you must live in a very exotic place...

Silvia said...

I don't really know......mmm....choosing his next prey? jajaja
Yeah, I want to travel too, I love it.

· Alba · said...

Pi ;)!

A ver si me deja comentar, que blogger me está volviendo loca :X!

Halaaa, un dragón y todo!!! Por aquí no es tan impresionante ^O^'

perla said...

Congrats on the 3 wins. and this holiday has to be the most beautiful idea I've ever heard of.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you keep the rose, give me a book. It looks like it would be a fun day I hope you enjoyed it.

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