Reasons Why

I'm sorry, it's been a while since I posted last time and I haven't written any review lately.
I've been really busy so I didn't have time to check my blog and maybe I don't write anything this week neither 'cause right now I have a terrible cold (yes, I've spend all winter without beeing sick and now that the nice weather is coming I catch a cold).

Again I'm sorry, and well since I'm sick I've some more time to spend reading so I'll return with a lot of energy and new reviews^^

Thank you to you all that keep reading my blog ; )


· Alba · said...

Hoola, Sivlia Pi ;)!
Bienvenida, jaja xD Ahora que ya estás de vuelta y con más ganas que nunca, pásate por LYE, que hay muchas novedades ;)
Y una cosa: te mandé un mail hace algunos días con una duda/ayuda, si no te ha llegado me dices, va?

Amy said...

oooh, i hope you get better! i had a flu last week and it sucked majorly.

Lilibeth Ramos said...

I hope get better soon; really looking forward to the new reviews!

· Alba · said...

Un premio para animarte ;)

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