"Say It Again" Saturday (2)

"Say It Again" Saturday was created by the fabulous Karin.

Sometimes while reading a book I find some sentences that I have to write down because for some reason they catch me.
Today I'll post some "quotes" of:

Rampant by Diana Peterfreund

" 'They are asleep. You can come over now, but I have to meet you outside'. This was more for my protection than out of consideration for the slumbering children. First of all, I don't know how much more I could take of the unicorn-inspired decor. Their toys were all over the house. Second, Brant and a couch -or worse, an empty master bedroom- were a very bad combo. He morphed from vaguely risqué fling to bad-boy octopus man whenever he was in the vicinity of any marginally promising flat surface." (pg 3-4)

"Just inside the door stood a grungy-looking girl. There were dark, baggy circles under her eyes, her hair was chopped in rough chunks colored a variety of faded-out shades (but mostly black), there were few spots on her face that didn't sport piercings, and the leather cuffs at her neck, wrists, and waist all had metal spikes sticking out. She was wearing about fourteen layers, torn fishnet stockings, and combat boots. She stood there, pigeontoed, face downturned, dragging a rucksack with one hand and a half-filled military-issue duffel with the other." (pg 140)

I really enjoyed reading this book so I hope you do too^^.


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