I love you guys!

I'm very happy, I really apreciate all the support you're giving me, it truly is very important for me to know you like my work, and it gives me a lot of energy^^.

Since I'm writing about this topic, I would like to apologise again; This has been an awful month. I've been sick and I've had a lot of exams so I haven't post much, but since now I'm less busier now, I'll do my best and I'll continue spreading all my love for YA books. : )

This award was given to my by Franie from Leer es adictivo. She is a Spanish blogger who has an amazing blog I've just discovered.
And I recived this one from Lilibeth from ChicaReader, a very nice new blog by a girl with good taste for books.
Thanks again*.
Fighting! XD


Liyana said...

Congrats Silvia! I think you deserve all your awards. I hope you'd get well soon! Take your time in writing the reviews. (:

Silvia said...

Liyana- Thanks, I'm really glad to hear this^^

Liyana said...

Congrats! You have something here.

Sadako said...


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