Silvia?? Who’s Silvia!?

I don’t expect you to remember me, but for those who do remember me and wonder what kind of monster has kept me from blogging I will give you one name: “School”. Yeah, I know it is no excuse, but it is said that the Spanish high school senior years is one of the most difficult and I can swear it is true. I don’t know how it goes where you live but here students say that getting an university degree is far easier than getting the bachelor one. All school stuff plus some family issues have gotten me crazy!

Luckily it is all over now and I can freely return to my beloved blog. Also I’m happy because yesterday I got an official confirmation from the university I applied for saying I was admitted. It wasn’t my first university choice though if not the second choice, but I’m happy. So, my dear readers, I’m her for good and I’ll make up for all this time I’ve been offline.

Also I’ve been changing the layout because I wanted to give it a summer feeling. I still have to change the top image though. And instead of three columns there are four now so I don’t know if in others screens you can see it correctly (because mine is really big so I can see it all perfectly in place). If not tell me.

Thanks always for your support^^


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