Treasures of the Week (15-21 March 2010)

I’m dying to read all the books released this week^^


Princess for hire by Lindsey Leavitt                             March 16, 2010                                                    Hardcover:256                                                                           Publisher: Hyperion Book CH                                             Tags: Comedy, Fantasy                                                            Goodreads                                                                            Amazon


The Body Finder By Kimberly Derting                      March 16, 2010                                                   Hardcover: 336                                                     Publisher: HarperCollins                                             Tags: Romance, Mystery, Paranormal                    Goodreads                                                                            Amazon

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The Vampire Diaries: The Return: Shadow Souls  by L.J.Smith                                                                                   March 16, 2010                                                    Hardcover: 608                                                      Publisher: HarperCollins                                              Tags: Paranormal Romance, Vampires                   Goodreads                                                                      Amazon


The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott                       March 16, 2010                                                       Hardcover: 224                                                         Publisher: Simon Pulse                                                    Tags: Romance, Friendship                                  Goodreads                                                                     Amazon

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The Six Rules of Maybe by Deb Caletti                    March 16, 2010                                                      Hardcover: 336                                                                  Publisher: Simon Pulse                                                       Tags: Romance, Family                                           Goodreads                                                                            Amazon


Shadow Mirror (Walk of the Spirits, book 2) by Richie Tankersley Cusick                                                       March 18, 2010                                                             Paperback: 368                                                             Publisher: Speak                                                                   Tags: Paranormal Romance, Ghosts                                Goodreads                                                                           Amazon


xXh3aDpHoN3zXx said...

The new Vampire Diaries book AMAZING, if your going to get any of those books that should be the first. I bought it the day after it was released and i finished it in about a day. I wont spoil it but its really awesome!

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