Caribbean Cruising by Rachel Hawthorne

n215881 Caribbean Cruising by Rachel Hawthorne

Reading level: Young Adult

Paperback: 336 pages

Publisher: HarperTeen; 1 edition (April 27, 2004)

Tags: Romance, Summer, Comedy




“Hi Brooke! I'm going snorkeling with Ryan today, wanna come? I know what you're going to say, but he's just a friend, I swear! So when you finally get out of bed, come find me at the spa getting another massage.


The perfect summer story of a girl, several boys, and a cruise ship full of possibilities.

Lindsay has never been on a cruise, but she knows exactly what she wants to do now that she is: climb a waterfall, snorkel, meet lots of cute guys, and look for one perfect guy for a summer fling.

But her to–do list isn't going according to plan, especially when she discovers that it's impossible to have a fling–when you're actually falling in love.

Fun and romantic, this book has all a perfect summer read needs. Although the characters were well portrayed, what really really got me were the landscapes; those amazing places described made me want to pack all my things and go on a cruise to the Caribbean right away. And indeed, when I finished reading the book, I started looking for cruises^^

She’s got this little trauma about being virgin and she just wants to get rid of it by sleeping with a boy during her summer before starting college. For that, she tries to change her shy personality and starts looking for Mister Right to have a summer fling. So she gets upset when she discovers his stepfather has invited to join them in the cruise a boy, Ryan, so he can be her baby-sitter.

You will also find funny moments as you see how Lindsay (kind of) conquests develop. Romance, friendship, fun, parties and wonderful summer paradises, all in this book. Go check it out. Perfect for a summer reading.

About the author: Check out Rachel’s website There you’ll find all the info about the many books she’s written. Rachel Hawthorne is the author of many chick lit YA novels as well as the author of the paranormal Dark Guardian series.


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