Mini challenge (big price^^)

So I told you about all these amazing contests.
Cindy at Princess Bookie is now hosting a Surprise Contest. It's really easy to enter and you can win breath-taking ARCs.

You only have to make a list of 5to8 things you love.
Here's mine:

-Music (music rules my world, can't live without it)
-Books (my bed wouldn't have this big hole with my body shape if I only used it to sleep. Blame the books^^)
-Computer (with internet of course)
-Vampires (just to clarify, I like the lovely-o-how-hot-you-are type)
-Planes (just used one once but I really have lots of plans for them ^^ )
-Friends (how would I survive to school without them? )
-Asia (since two years ago Japan, Korea and Taiwan have become one of my obsesions)
-Money (not that I am like those people who only think of money, but I cant help to love it and try to save a lot because without it I wouldn't have some of the things above)

So that's it. I'm dying to read everyone else's lists.


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