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One of the things I’m addicted to right now is Merlin, the TV series by BBC. I’ve never been a big fan of the story but not long ago (about a month ago or so) while I was looking for a new TV series to watch, I came across Merlin. I don’t exactly know why it called my attention, maybe it was that the story was different from all the other, starting with the fact that this one is based in Merlin’s and Arthur’s youth. Whatever it was I’m glad I started watching it ‘cause I loved it and in less than two weeks I watched the 26 episodes it has right now (1st and 2nd season).

The story sets in the years before Arthur becomes king and it is mainly about the relationship between Merlin and Arthur. The series start with the arrival of the young warlock to Camelot and how he meets Arthur. In the first episode Merlin saves for the first time (believe me, during the series he saves his neck a lot) the prince’s life and so, as reward, he is named Arthur’s personal servant (with which Merlin won’t be very happy). From here on, we see in the next episodes how the two of them become closer while fighting monsters, ghosts, witches and many other magical creatures.

The bad thing is that magic is forbidden in Camelot by order of the King Uther Pendragon and any act of magic will be punished with the death sentence, so Merlin has to hide his powers, which is already pretty difficult without having to save the entire kingdom in every episode.

I like the actors, they really fit into their roles and if someone asked me to, I wouldn’t be able to think of any other actors that would look better than they do in the series. And as in every series there has to be a crush, here mine is Merlin/Collin Morgan because I really like his voice. Here they are:

Merlin cast

What I like the most about this series is the script. I especially love the conversations between Arthur and Merlin; they are a very funny couple. Here you’ve got some quotes from the first episode “The Dragon’s call”: Dibujo


And here’s one more quote. This is from episode 2x02 “The Once and Future Queen”. I have to write it ‘cause I just love it:Dibujo4

I really enjoyed this series (and still do whenever I have some time to spare) and while waiting for the third season (I read there’s going to be 5 or 6), which I suppose will start around September or so, I’m going to buy the books. There are the books(left) and the graphic novels (right), plus activity books and things like that. Who knows, maybe I also buy the graphic novels; since they are for children the English vocabulary won’t be heavy so I could lent them to my 12 year old sister to practice and to make her read something because she doesn’t even give books a chance.

5 So, have you watched Merlin? If not, I highly recommend you to do it right now. Go watch Merlin and fill your life with a little more magic!

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