Waiting On Wednesday (9)

Jekel Loves Hyde by Beth Fantaskey

[No cover yet]

“I do have another book in the works. It’s called Jekel Loves Hyde, and it’s another dark-but-fun, supernatural romance about two teenagers who discover they have a shared destiny, related to the old novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Unfortunately, the more the shy heroine, Jill, starts to fall in love with the mysterious hero, Tristen, the more dangerous he becomes to her. There’s lots of mystery and twists and turns to the plot. I’m going to post an excerpt on my website, so people can check it out”

Beth Fantaskey at an interview you can find

I found out about Beth’s new book a few days ago and I’m really happy. I loved her writing in Jessica’s Guide To Dating On The Dark Side and though I was waiting to see if there would be a sequel for it, I got really happy to know about her new book.
Jekel Loves Hyde is going to be released on July 10th! Just a month and a few days more!! Even so, I haven’t find the summary nor the cover, so if anyone has found them tell me ok? ^^

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