B is for Birthday

So yeah, today is mt birthday. I'm 17 now!

I'm really happy today because I finished classes on Friday but today I had to go to high school to give a document to my english teacher.
I didn't expect anyone there but when I was about to go home a friend phoned me and when I picked it up I listened a lot of "Happy Birthday". I was really really happy!
They were in the playground waiting for me^^.

I just want to add that I'm really glad I have met you all, because if no I wouldn't be heree, writing this right now!

I wish you a very very very happy day!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Silvia! I hope it's awesome. =D

· Alba · said...

Felicidades, pingüinilla ;)!!
Ahora tendrás que cambiar los datos de tu "About me" ^^
Disfruta del día!!!!

cupcakewitch said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What are your plans??

Silvia said...

Michelle- Thanks a lot!
Alba- Se me olvidaba, ahora voy XD
cupcakewitch- I've only gone for a walk with some friends because tomorrow I have to get up early, but this weekend I'm going out to eat with my friends, to the bowling and things like that ^^

Shalonda said...

Happy birthday! I hope it is fantastic!

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