BlogFest 2010

BlogFest10small Hey guys what’s up?

I’m here to announce that I just discovered this amazing event called BlogFest going on from September 10 to 12 and I decided to participate. If you want to join you just have to head to this link and sing up for this blogging party hosted by Cinnamon from  A journey of books.

It is very simple to participate and it will surely be a blast! Here are the only rules you have to follow to be able to join:

1.Each blog must host a giveaway between 12:00 am EST the 10th trough 11:59 pm EST on the 12th. There are no stipulations as to the monetary value of this giveaway.

2.Each blog must post the links provided to them on the days of the event.

3.Your BlogFest post can remain as a single post over the multiple days, but make sure there is an easily visible link to it from the top of your blog. If people can’t find your giveaway, they certainly can’t enter it.

4.Giveaway rule are up to you.

5.We will have a webpage and database for visitors to use to help track their blogs visits. While it is not mandatory that you direct your visitors there, it is a tool available to you.


Easy right? If you want more info about the event or how to co-host it, go to the link above and find out want you want to know. I haven’t decided on the giveaway yet but I might be giving away at least on book and maybe some goodies. I don’t know. Also, this will be my first giveaway^^ And it will be a great way of having fun just before I start college the 13th!


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